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Wild Boar Hunts With Southern Outdoor Outfitters
Winged Shooting With Southern Outdoor Outfitters
Alligator Hunts With Southern Outdoor Outfitters

Southern Outdoor Outfitters - The Best Hunting Outfitter in Florida

Southern Outdoor Outfitters is a family-owned Florida hunting outfitter with some of the best professional hunting guides in the state. We have over 20 years of experience that we use to customize your hunt to best suit your needs. Here at Southern Outdoor Outfitters, we offer Osceola Turkey hunts, Florida Alligator hunts, Duck hunts, and much more. Our motto is, "If it walks, crawls, or flies....we kill it" and that is the truth! 

We are located in South Florida, just outside a little town called Immokalee. The lodge is 1 hour and 45 minutes from Fort Lauderdale, 2 hours from Miami and West Palm Beach, and approximately 40 minutes from Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW).

Join us for the best hunting in Florida!

Florida Hunting Outfitters

What Sets Us Apart from Other Florida Hunting Outfitters

Southern Outdoor Outfitters is successful because of three things: scouting, scouting, and scouting. Paul spends the entire year scouting out new and old areas to make sure he can put you on the animal you're after when it's time to hunt. This extensive scouting also results in increased integrity - if we aren't seeing birds (dove, duck, etc.) in the time leading up to your hunt, we will cancel and reschedule your hunt for a different time. We all know that nature follows its own rules and hunting can be unpredictable, but we believe that you shouldn't lose out on a great opportunity because of that unpredictability. Keep in mind that there is a difference between opportunity and success, though. The only thing we can't do is pull the trigger for you!

Ultimately, we care a lot about peoples' experiences and enjoyment at Southern Outdoor Outfitters. We do everything in our power to make sure you have the best hunt possible. If you book a hunt with us, you can be confident that we will fulfill that promise!

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Florida Hunting Guides

Meet Your Florida Hunting Guide

Paul Byrd

Paul is a professional and experienced hunting guide of 20 years. Born and raised in the sweet Sunshine State, Paul was brought up hunting and fishing. His guiding career started on an out-of-state deer hunt in Wisconsin. A couple of fellow hunters he was with wanted to come down to Florida and try their luck on some hogs! He gets more joy out of guiding others on the hunt of a lifetime than pulling the trigger himself! When Paul is not hunting for clients, he is hunting or fishing for himself. Hunting is not just a job, it is a hobby that he loves and enjoys. The key to his success is putting clients on game! You WILL get what you came for when hunting with Paul. 

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Alligator Hunting Outfitter

Florida's Go-To Gator Hunting Outfitter

We are one of the top alligator hunting outfitters in Florida. Our gator hunts are all private land hunts for minimally pressured gators, making your chances of shooting a true monster extremely high. Private land also means you get to hunt your alligator with any weapon - a unique opportunity! Join us for the ultimate Florida gator hunting experience.

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Osceola Turkey Hunting Outfitter

Guided Osceola Turkey Hunts

If you need an Osceola for your turkey grand slam, we've got you covered! We hunt over 100,000 acres of private land filled with minimally pressured birds, and we have had a 100% success rate for 12+ years. Our guided Osceola hunts are meant for the serious turkey hunter!

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Florida Duck Hunting Outfitter

Florida Duck Hunting Guides

Florida isn't always the first place people think of when it comes to duck hunting, but we can assure you that a Florida duck hunt is not something to be slept on! Season opens early and you can look forward to high limits and lots of action on private ponds. If you're looking for a quality Florida duck hunting outfitter, look no further!

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Southwest Florida Trophy Boar

Southwest Florida Hog Hunting

Southern Outdoor Outfitters offers some of the best guided hog hunts in Southwest Florida. From thermal hog hunting to hunting with dogs and knives, we cater our hog hunts to your preferred hunting method. With both trophy and meat hogs available, we can work with your budget too. Come down to Southwest FL and join us for some hog hunting fun!

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