Private Land Alligator Hunts in Florida - Any Weapon Allowed

Private Land Alligator Hunts in Florida - Any Weapon Allowed

Guided Florida Alligator Hunts

Guided Florida Alligator Hunts

Southern Outdoor Outfitters is one of the top hunting guides in Florida and offers PRIVATE LAND alligator hunts year-round. We have over 100,000 acres of prime gator hunting habitat. Hunting private land comes with fewer stipulations than hunting public land, as well as far less hunting pressure.

You are welcome to bring your own weapon of choice or use ours. We start the hunt by locating alligators. Once we've spotted some, we judge the size of each one until we find what our client is looking for. Now comes the fun part! We snag the alligator with a fishing pole and a large treble hook, then bring it in to be taken with your choice of weapon. You are shooting at a four-inch target, so a steady hand and sometimes more than one shot is needed to kill these tough dinosaurs. 

This is a hunt that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime!

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Gator Hunts in Florida

Gator Hunt Rates

  • 6-7’11 FT: $1,750
  • 8-8’11 FT: $2,000
  • 9-9’11 FT: $2,750
  • 10-10’11FT: $3,750
  • 11-11’11 FT: $6,500
  • 12 FT+: $12,500 

There is a $250 guide fee PER DAY on all alligator hunts, if you were presented with an opportunity to harvest an alligator in your size bracket and did not for whatever reason. (Misses, broken lines, poles etc).

These are wild animals and if you miss your shot opportunity that is on you.

Alligator Processing Rates:

$25 per foot

This includes vacuum-sealed meat and preparing the alligator for taxidermy. If one of our taxidermists is used, this will include getting your alligator to the taxidermist.

A $200 deposit is required to book your alligator hunt and will go towards the balance of your hunt.

Deposits and information regarding deposits can be found on the deposits page.

All deposits are non-refundable.

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Private Land Alligator Hunting

What Makes Private Land Gator Hunting Better?

The main thing that sets private land alligator hunting apart from public land hunting is the lack of pressure that is on these animals. This means the gators here have the chance to grow larger than those on public land. With any public land hunting, you are competing against thousands of other hunters which not only makes the hunting harder, but it also means you are far less likely to kill a big alligator.

Public Land vs. Private Land Alligator Hunting

With Southern Outdoor Outfitters, you will be hunting pristine, minimally pressured private land and have the option to shoot as big a gator as you want! We hunt multiple monsters every year and can put you on the trophy of a lifetime. We are one of the only hunting outfitters in Florida to offer this kind of hunting! Most other outfitters only hunt public land or small pieces of private land; many of them don't give you much of an option on the size of gator you hunt.

If you choose to hunt alligators on public land without a guide, you also have to apply for a lottery tag whereas private land hunts allow you to hunt whenever you want using our allotted tags.

Gator Hunting Methods on Private Land in FL: Any Weapon

There's one more main difference - on private land in Florida, you can use ANY WEAPON to hunt gators! Public land limits you to only using bang sticks, but if you hunt with us on our private gator grounds, you get to choose! Our customers can use a rifle, muzzleloader, pistol/handgun, bow, crossbow, or even primal weapons like a spear! For safety reasons, Florida limits this option to daylight hours (bang sticks must be used at night), but most of our success takes place during daylight hours due to the lack of pressure.

If you are looking for an unrestricted hunt for monster alligators with guaranteed success, private land is for you!

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Florida Alligator Hunting

What kind of license is required to hunt alligators in Florida?

An Alligator Agent's license is required to hunt alligators in Florida. The cost of licensing is $52 and is NOT included in hunt pricing. 

Licenses can be purchased online through the Florida Fish and Wildlife website or we can get it purchased over the phone the day you arrive in camp.

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