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Andrew Revelle

Andrew Revelle

Spring 2024 - Missouri

We have been to many outfitters in search of the royal slam and the osceola was last on our list. I have to say it was the most fun we have had out of all of them. Paul and his group were so fun and tolerable to our crazy group. Jay was such a good time and put us on birds right out of the gate. Down to earth and our kind of people. Lodging was great food was excellent and could not have had a better time. The double beard I got was just icing on the cake. Recommend to anyone looking for a knowledgeable good group of guys.

Albert Surmont

Spring 2023 - Morehead, KY

If osceola turkey is your passion then Paul B. has the place to go for results. I hunted with Southern Outdoor Outfitters the third week of the season. We were on turkey from the very start. Saw nearly 50 turkey before finally bagging a good Tom. Paul and his crew have access to thousands of acres of exclusive property. They know their stuff and will go out of their way to put you on birds. Shoot straight!

Paul Reed

Winter 2021 - Miami, FL

Went with Paul on 3 duck hunts in Jan 2021 and he always put us on birds. Super professional and worked hard to make sure everyone was getting shots. Highly recommend!

Ben Maki


Highly recommend Paul and his crew at Southern Outdoor Outfitters. They know where their birds are and have done all the hours of homework to make a hunt awesome. My kids hunted the youth opener and had their birds dead before most people even woke up. Great operation and Paul is a top notch guy. We’ll be back for sure!

Chad Laughman


Paul’s got the birds and knows the birds. Got to finish my grand slam with him and all I could think about is when I could come back. From start to finish couldn’t have asked for a better hunt. Came looking to check a box on the punch list and left with a good friend. If you want a hell of an experience and a great Osceola hunt give Paul a call!! Thanks for a lifelong memory, I’ll be back.

Amy Lyn

We have been using Paul since 2015 for turkey and hog hunts and each year we have had 100% return on each. We highly recommend him for your southern Florida hunting experience!

Bryan Queen

Osceola Turkey/ Hog Hunt

Man what an experience I had with Southern Outdoor Outfitters! Started off my first morning with the birds fired up. Had 3 strutters out in front of us the first 5 mins of the hunt gobbling their heads off. Unfortunately the hens carried them away. We made a few moves and finally got on them shortly after. Once we got set up on them, hadn’t sat down 10 seconds and they were coming into the area we were set up. They were strutting away doing their turkey stuff. Still had several hens with them. Then coming from behind us to my left had a gobbler that we hadn’t even been chasing get writhing range at 10 yards. Well that was a mistake.. As soon as I shot I figured the others ones were gone and I got up. My guide said there they come sit down. Sure enough they came running to the one I had just shot and was whooping up on him. We watched this for several minutes and I had an itch I couldn’t resist.. ?? Bird 2 on the ground and this finalized my hard earned Grand Slam I’ve been trying to accomplish. And to add to this one of the gobblers stayed there and continued to try and whoop up on the two that were laying lifeless on the ground. My guide literally walked up to the one gobbler as he was still fighting the dead thunder chickens. He ran about 20 feet and still wanted to fight those birds. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Hunt of a lifetime!! And to top it off, took my little boy on his first hog hunt. There were so many turkeys it wasn’t even funny. Southern Outdoor Outfitters definitely has no shortage of birds. Even watched a group of about a dozen jakes whoop up on a long beard as we were driving out. This was the best turkey hunt I’ve even encountered and to witness all of the things first hand that you usually only see on tv. Please if you are looking to complete your slam and not spend days on end trying to kill a bird, these guys are top notch and definitely know their birds. They know their patterns to the t, and will make sure you don’t go home empty handed. Paul, it was a pleasure to hunt with you and your awesome assistant. Thank you also for providing my son for his first hunting opportunity at 4 years old. We will forever remember this special moment. I will definitely be back, next time little man will be pulling the trigger on those limb hanger thunder chickens!

Steven Thurston

Osceola Turkey Hunt

Paul did a fantastic job putting my son and I on the turkeys. He was very patient with my son and went out of his way to ensure that he, my son, had a great experience. Within the first 90 minutes we had seen 9 toms. I bagged a very nice bird - day one. My son took his first turkey (of his life) on the next morning. As a side note, Paul called a group three toms from over a mile away, off the roost.
Hunting the groves is an incredible experience. If you’re looking to add Osceola’s to your slam, Paul is your man.

Shane Grade

Osceola/ Alligator

I booked a hunt with Southern Outdoor Outfitters to complete my archery, turkey Grand Slam. Southern Outdoor Outfitters far exceeded my expectations. Not only is Paul an excellent caller, he is a very aggressive and flexible type of turkey hunter. Paul's commitment and passion for the sport is second to none. He wants each client to succeed. After harvesting my bird on day one, I was fortunate enough to take a trophy hog and a 7 1/2 ft. alligator with my bow on day two. I harvested three animals in less than 24hrs!!! How many outfitters can do that? From hunting the orange groves to walking through the marsh to stalking the lateral canals, I definitely experienced Florida hunting to the fullest. I will definitely be back. If you are looking for a place to complete your slam or take a trophy hog or gator, Southern Outdoor Outfitters will not disappoint!

Holly Moore

Osceola Turkey/ Alligator Hunt

Dude..... the best hunt I have EVER had. Paul is one of the best guides I have ever hunted with and we hunt A LOT. From cutting up to slamming giant trophies, you will not be disappointed. Absolutely recommend Southern Outdoor Outfitters for hunting anything in South Florida. #11ftgator #playball #dontgetclosetome #bequietRonnie #shooteminthelegs #stabincabin #2x4 #medieval #gotime #bobcat #illgetdrunkwithyou #smileybear #bonkinggators #ADD #gameover #tang

Chelsea Stevens

Osceola Turkey Hunt/ Alligator

This was such a fun and amazing hunt! Paul is a great guide with a wealth of experience! I highly recommend him for your Florida hunting desires. We have already booked back.

Kyle Moos

Alligator Hunt

Paul did an awesome job on our alligator hunt, he was professional and friendly. Paul knew exactly where to take us to get the alligator we desired. After taking our gator Paul handled all the work from loading to preparing it for taxidermy. I’d highly recommend Southern Outdoor Outfitters!

Adam Howell

Osceola Turkey Hunt

Paul really does his homework and knows exactly where the birds are. They were literally in our laps at daybreak.Great hunt!

Dylan Morris

Osceola Turkey Hunt

I booked a 2020 hunt last year, I dreamed.. I waited.. I stayed up late thinking, wondering just how it’ll be! It was worth the 17hr drive & If you want an Osceola turkey I would look no further then Paul and his team at Southern Outdoor outfitters. Great people and customer service, hunt of a life time!! I will be back!! #CantStopTheFlop #HeadShots

Seth Morrow

Osceola Turkey Hunt

Paul has the birds, does his homework and makes for a awsome and exciting hunt. three of us showed up on a evening hunt. hunted for one hour and tagged out.

Joshua Morrow

Osceola Turkey Hunt

Had a great turkey hunt with Paul at southern outdoors outfitters. He has tons of birds and knows how to work them.

Mike Wills

Osceola Turkey Hunt

This guy really knows his land and his birds great hunting experience I highly recommend and I plan on coming back with my son at some point!! Thanks Paul

Jesse Riley

Osceola Turkey Hunt

If you want a great experience with hog, gator or Osceola turkey hunting this is the place you need to go. Paul and everyone else in the crew knows the land like the back of their hand and can put you on great animals. You won’t regret coming here.

Jordan Duncan

Osceola Turkey Hunt

I was lucky enough to get in on basically a last minute hunt with Paul this year. Needing a Osceola to finish out my Grand Slam, Paul assured me that if I could shoot straight I would be successful in bagging a bird. Getting into camp late the night before the hunt started didn’t give Paul and I a chance to talk much, but on the ride out the following morning we began to trade hunting stories and talked about his operation. It didn’t take long before I knew this dude is a turkey nut and takes his turkey hunts very serious! Long story short we heard what I would guess to be 15 to 20 gobblers on the roost. Shortly after fly down we had 4 come running into our setup and I was able to take a beautiful bird. After the shot there was 5 more birds coming in from the same direction and another coming from the other side of us. 10 Longbeards!! This dude knows his stuff, knows the properties, and has the birds!! Thanks Paul!! ??????

Andy Shuman

Hog Hunt

Paul works his butt off to make the hunt a experience of a lifetime and to provide perfect customer service. He definitely is worth checking out. ????

Travis Bowles

Hog Hunt

Great time !!!
Glad to see a guide service put you on productive stands and even help to drive them outta the brush. You & your crew really went outta your way to make sure we saw hogs & had the opportunity to put them down !!!
Thanks again & if I plan another hog hunt, I’ll be calling you guys up !!!
NOTHING like a kill with a 460 S&W head shot to make a grown man dance like a toddler with candy !!!!
Travis Bowles (aka Dirty Harry)

Taylor Gerbhart

Ducks/Hog Hunt

Paul did a fabulous job. Florida hunting is unlike no other and if you want to experience it, this is the place to be. My boyfriend went down for a duck and wild boar hunt and loved every minute of it. Ducks have an absolute great habitat here, not under pressure all the time so they aren't scared to pile in. Acres upon acres to hunt so you'll always get what your going for. Before he even left he talked about and has all intentions on returning for more hunting!
On top of the awesome hunting, Paul is down to earth and a great hunting guide and friend.

Kirk Tull

Osceola Turkey Hunt

My wife and I booked with Paul a year ago for the 2021, and finally the first week of March arrived. We got to camp and got the low down on the birds from Paul and our guide John, which was on point!! The first morning of our hunt we set up in an orange grove and waited for the birds to come off the roost and John softly persuaded them to come right to us. A good Tom put on a hell of a show , strutting, gobbling, spitting and drumming from 50 yds to 18 yds where my wife Sam made the perfect shot! We then set out to find my Tom. As we drove through the grove in different blocks we finally found a lonely Tom and made our move. We closed the distance to about 80 yds and John popped out on his belly holding a jake decoy. Two clucks later, ole boy was on a string and within seconds was in range and flopping. Paul and his guides at southern outdoor outfitters have got it going on and know these birds inside and out!! If you’re looking for an exceptional Osceola hunt, I highly recommend giving Paul a call!

Chance Dowling

Osceola Turkey Hunt

Paul and his crew will get you on the birds period. Tons of spots plenty of opportunity. When your done, you can Hog Hunt or Gator Hunt.

Brian LaValle

Osceola Turkey Hunt

Paul and his crew were great to hunt with and put us on birds right away. We hunted in orange orchards and killed on the first morning. One bird worked his way across an open field after fly down and tested my anxious patience. My buddy Chance’s bird was fanned in and was shot on the fight charge! WHAT A BLAST!
Now hogs and gators on the menu.
Great time! I recommend Southern Outdoor Outfitters!

Kelly Hahn

Osceola Turkeys/Alligators

We had the best time with Paul and his team!! This adventure did not disappoint and is well worth it!! Thank you for the experience, memories, misunderstandings ?? laughter and most importantly- friendships. See you again this summer where a whole new story will be created. ??

Neil Waters

Osceola Turkey Hunt

Anyone needing an Osceola, this is the place.

Hunter Fuzzell

Osceola Turkey Hunt

If you want to kill your Osceola, these are absolutely the guys. I literally had my first bird within an hour of arriving to camp on my first afternoon. My second, the following morning. Paul and his crew are phenomenal and I recommend them VERY highly.

Shane Rock

Osceola Turkey Hunt

Wow what a experience.... Paul and his team are legit!!! If you are looking for a adrenalin rush hunt with highly experienced guides this is it.... Thanks Dynamite!!!!! Forever GREATFUL!!!.

Ryan Conkle

Osceola Turkey Hunt

If you are looking for a first-class guide for a south-Florida hunting experience then do yourself a favor and book your hunt right need to look any further! Paul provides an excellent service, has the game animals and the know how to get your tag filled! My Dad and I recently completed our grandslams with Paul and then proceeded to hunt both alligators and hogs after filling our osceola tags and this was a trip with memories and stories to last a lifetime! I can't wait to book a hunt with Southern Outdoor Outfitters again and would recommend that you do the same! Book EARLY and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Amanda Brouwer

Alligator Hunts

Absolutely top notch experience hunting with Paul and his crew! Our expectations were more than exceeded. Do yourself a favor and book your hunt now! Thanks again guys for memories we will never forget ????

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